The Guerrilla Geographer - ALL FILMS - (BBC) PRODUCER / DIRECTOR / EDITOR


This series of thirteen, presenter lead, animation and graphics rich films that I directed and edited for BBC Bitesize teaches geographical processes and skills; from climate change to reading ordnance survey maps; from statistics and graphs to  land formations and resource management. 

The challenge was to make these sometimes quite dry subjects as visual and exciting as possible on a very, very limited budget. Multiple locations all over Britain,  very specific learning points to hit, drone shots, animation, while keeping a coherent and light story telling approach stretched this to the max putting enormous pressure on time.  Organisation, creative story telling and, of course, inventive compromise was key.

And ability to deliver high numbers of films on a tiny budget and tight deadline is blessing a curse. It makes you employable but the compromises imposed on practical constraints can keep a director in a budget level that is hard to escape. My ambitions to move into documentaries where bigger budgets and a little more time allow me to show what I can really do and I hope these films are a good calling card.