Three Wheelin’ (ITV Sketch Show Pilot)

Exec Prodcuers: Jim Reid and Alan Mark (Channel X)
Producer: Lucy Robinson
Directed by Ben Wheatley Starring John Willie Hopkins, Barunka O’Shaugnessy and Gareth Tunley.
Written by: John Hopkins and Gareth Tunley.
Additional Material: Barunaka O’Shaugnessy

Here’s montage of the show and a couple of clips courtesy of Channel X who own the rights to the footage. Channel X produced some of the greatest comedy shows ever made changing the face of British comedy TV including early Jonathan Ross, Vic Reeves Big Night out, Snuff Box and many more.

Three Wheelin' Montage

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Behind My Balls Clips

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youtube movie

Prof Niall Furtherson on The Battle of Britain


Prof Niall Furtherson on The Blitz