SEGA Corporate

Produced by Maverick Media
Developed and Directed by John Hopkins

SEGA Game Zone

This was an excellent prank dreamed up by the head of the Sega marketing department and Maverick media as a surprise to the staff for the Sega Cchristmas Party. We told the staff of Sega that a kids computer Games show “Game Zone” would be filming from within the funky Sega Offices.

I wrote a series of pranks and stunts for the ususpecting staff who came in to contribute to the fictional show. Myy old mate, the brilliant Steve Oram, played the drunken and offensive kid’s show host and I played (and was) the director.

The annoying “Game Bear” was played by Paul “Lenny” Dennis. The resulting film is hilarious but as this (and the next film) uses real staff members can’t put them on my website. Howver it was a great success and a year on they commissioned…

The SEGA Office

Using the format of a spoof of The Office the idea was the difficult job of making a film that comedically and entertainly delvivered the figures and forecast of the Sega Marketing team. Sega love to have a laugh with their staff and it was great fun helping them develop a story line.

We used the charcters from the games they were marketing and merged them with their the real charcters in their office. The resultant film was made for a great, alternative and fun in house SEGA marketing presentation.