Funny Plus One Sketch Show (BBC)

VT/Location Director – John Willie Hopkins
Producer – Simon London (BBC)
Starring - Colin Hoult, Will Andrews, Izzy Suttie, Mona Yousefi, Charlie Baker, Kerry Howard, Jason Lewis and Hannah Job.
(Location written by The Dawson Bros.)

This in house BBC comedy production was a pilot that brought together emerging new comics for a Friday night show of live studio sketches interweaved with VTs all presented by Charlie Baker. For this project John Willie Hopkins was commissioned to direct and edit VT sketches.

The ‘plus one’ element is a member of the public who has a chance to reveal their hidden comic talent live in front of a studio and tv audience.

Check out some of the videos directed by John.

youtube movie
youtube movie
youtube movie
youtube movie

Location Location Location




Love A Duck


Skinny Jeans

youtube movie
youtube movie

Too Northern


Stupid Rob