The Rootin' Tootin' Cowboys

I devised these characters as an act with Gareth Tunley during a very happy three years as a cast member of the legendary live gang show Ealing Live, a live weekly gang show prodcued by Ealing Studios.

I’ve been lucky enough be invited to do this act on various shows on TV sketch shows and had loads of fun doing the live version of this act. I’ve performed it with various sidekicks, (Simon Farnaby, Tony Way Gareth and Phil Brodie) to (and about!) people such as Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry, Elton John, Rowan Atkinson, Bob Geldoff, Joan Collins and loads more. I am most proud that Ronnie Corbett, having watched us live, asked if he could buy the act off me to do with Ronnie Barker. Sadly at the time it was too much of a rootin tootin cash cow to sell. A mistake? Who knows? (Perhaps the name drops here are the only sad mistake.)

Below are a couple of permutations of the act. Live is always best, so first here is an early performance at Ealing Live! It’s important to note that this was performed during the many weird allegations against Michael Jackson at his wacko-ist period and well before his untimely death. Apologies in advance!


youtube movie

Live at Ealing

This next Batch were made for the launch of RDF’s Rough Cut Website

Produced by Rob Sixsmith (RDF)
Written, Proudced, Directed and Edited by John Willie Hopkins
Performed by John Willie Hopkins an Gareth Tunley

youtube movie
youtube movie
youtube movie

Cowboys vs Heather Mills

Cowboys vs Iraq

Cowboys vs Paris Hilton: